Thermoplastic composite lightweight components in the automotive industry

The significance of high-precision thermoplastic lightweight products for the automotive industry is based on its continuous growth and steady further evolvement. The considerable interest in our thermoplastic solutions is confirming the global trend towards lightweight construction, as well as the overall positive trend in the product, material and process development field for products made of fiber reinforced composites. Technology drivers from the basic development, production and plant engineering fuel this growing market with the aim of achieving lightweight construction cost reductions, in order to facilitate the utilization for an increased number of automotive mass production applications. Shell structures are being designed with the incorporation of state-of-the-art lightweight solutions, in order to create a future with less emission.

With its 25 years of experience, XPERION PPC is one of the globally leading manufacturers of thermoplastic composite products. XPERION is the inventor of the qualified Continuous Compression Molding process for the production of high-performance products made of thermoplastic composites. This process enables the large series production of thermoplastic lightweight components with an observance of the specific requirements, thus enabling the attainment of a highly beneficial cost-benefit ratio.

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